Seasoning and Rub Pairings

Seasoning and Rub Pairings

It’s known that the rubs and seasonings market is already crowded with crazy names, funky designs and bold colours- maybe it is all to compensate for what’s in the bottle?

Well, Weber stripped it back and kept it simple, because it's what’s on the inside that counts ;).  

The simple names of our seasonings and rubs stems from our initial design process. In the early stages we wanted a seasoning or rub that would go with our favorite, most basic foods. For example we had to have a bold brisket rub, a savory seasoning for a juicy steak, a light and fresh herb seasoning for fish or just a great all-rounder seasoning that you could throw on anything. After years of flavor profiling, recipe creation, taste testing (and more taste testing) we have created our range of delicious rubs and seasonings to go on those favorite barbecue meals.

Don’t be limited by the name, we encourage you to use the seasonings and rubs on a range of your much-loved foods.

Choose your own journey with our products, don’t just use our steak seasoning on your steaks, it is also wonderful on lamb and vegetables (especially on a big fat juicy mushroom).

These are our favorite pairings so far: