SmokeFire Choice Recommended 2020

SmokeFire Choice Recommended 2020

The sole Choice Recommended Pellet barbecue on the market!

If you’ve been keeping up to date with all things Weber over the past few years, you’d be well aware many of our barbecues have received the Choice Recommended rating. Well, we are very excited to welcome a new barbecue to the club, because for the first time ever, a Pellet barbecue has been recommended by Choice! And it’s ours! For anyone looking at getting your hands on the all new SmokeFire EX4, or if you’re one of the lucky ones already enjoying real wood fired flavour, know you’re looking at the only Choice approved Pellet barbecue available.

If you haven’t seen what the Weber SmokeFire is all about, think caramelised sear marks on steaks, succulent roasts and perfectly controlled low and slow cooking marathons, all fuelled by real hardwood pellets, all on the one barbecue. What’s more, this state of the art barbecue connects to your smart phone for real time tracking, monitoring, alerts and even step-by-step cooking guidance and recipes!


Ok, time to get back to the Choice recommendation. Choice’s completely independent third party endorsement and testing program is trusted by millions of Australians on hundreds of different products across all categories, including barbecues. Many elements are assessed by the team including cooking performance and evenness, ease of use and cleaning, low temperature score and so much more, brought all together in the CHOICE Expert Rating. This independent review empowers you as the buyer to shop with confidence and peace of mind knowing that whatever product, in this case the SmokeFire EX4, has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation, completely independently. We are thrilled this shows that the SmokeFire really is in a class of its own, being the sole Choice Recommended, Pellet barbecue on the market.

So, if you’re keen to know some more about the Weber Smokefire, head on over to our social channels or watch our YouTube videos! Even better yet, get in store to your local Weber Store or Specialist Dealer where you will be able to see, smell, and even taste the authentic wood fired flavour of the Weber SmokeFire for yourself!